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Praise for Daniella Bernett's Novels
“Adventure from Venice to London with an engaging cast of characters in this fresh, fast-
paced mystery filled with jewel thefts, international intrigue, unexpected twists, and a
lovely touch of romance.”  —Tracy Grant, bestselling author of
The Mayfair Affair
Lead Me Into Danger
“Stolen diamonds, revenge and murder are served up at a cracking pace as Emmeline
unites with Gregory once again in this intriguing second installment of Daniella Bernett’s
mystery series.”
- Tessa Arlen, author of the Lady Montfort series and Agatha Award
“Daniella Bernett weaves a complex and engaging tale of suspense and mystery in
Deadly Legacy....The story [has a] Hitchcockian feel...[and a] shocker of a twist ending
that took me completely by surprise.”
- Debbi Mack, New York Times bestselling author
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From Beyond The Grave
Deadly Legacy
“In this latest installment of the Emmeline Kirby and Gregory Longdon mystery series,
the couple unexpectedly meet at the same hotel along the scenic coast of Devon. But
before their love story can deepen, dark secrets, deceit and murder threaten their future
together in a story sure to please fans of romantic suspense.”
- D.E. Ireland, authors of the Agatha nominated Eliza Doolittle and Henry Higgins
“Escape to Torquay with Emmeline and Gregory for a seaside whirlwind of mystery,
romance, and unexpected secrets that will leave you eagerly anticipating the next book in
the series!” - Tracy Grant, author of
Gilded Deceit
“Emmeline and Gregory's new adventure is a delightful blend of mystery and romance
filled with dazzling twists and turns, unexpected dangers, and old and new tensions in
their relationship.”
- Tracy Grant, author of London Gambit
From Beyond The Grave is a tense thriller that had me hooked from the first page, and
kept my attention until the last....The attention to detail, the layers of deceit and lies
between the characters, and the plot combine to make this an enjoyable read.”
- Bookliterati Book Reviews
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A Checkered Past
“Stolen art, memories of the French Resistance, and a charming man
of dubious integrity make
A Checkered Past a delightful read. A
wonderful installment in Daniella Bernett’s Emmeline Kirby-Gregory
Longdon series!” - Tasha Alexander,
New York Times bestselling
author of
Death in St. Petersburg
“Emmeline and Gregory are back in another fast-paced adventure as they unravel a
mystery that stretches back to World War II--and touches on the secrets of Gregory's
shadowy past. An enchanting blend of adventure, mystery, and romance that makes for
the perfect late summer escape.” - Tracy Grant, author of
The Duke's Gambit
“Daniella Bernett delivers up another masterful tale of suspense, this time involving
family betrayals, government intrigue, and insidious wartime crimes, that will have
readers clamoring for justice. Prepare for a brisk ride with plenty of twists to keep you
reading late into the night!” - Alyssa Maxwell, author of The Gilded Newport Mysteries
“A scintillating tale of theft, murder and general mayhem….styled to mirror the writing
of classic Golden Age authors. With strong characterization…writer Daniella Bernett
has enhanced a series which…has the potential to gain a strong following.”
- The Dorset Book Detective
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“[With] thrills aplenty…A Checkered Past is…a fast paced, gripping crime thriller….The
combination of Nazi’s, MI5 and plundered art makes for an interesting and complex
thriller that twists and turns in more ways than the river Thames….A compelling and
exciting read. Highly recommended!...Daniella Bernett creates wonderful and memorable
characters and a fabulous plot.” - Bookliterati Book Reviews
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