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Stolen Diamonds...
A Man Who Never Existed...
The Game is Lethal!
Journalist Emmeline Kirby hasn't laid eyes on her former
lover Gregory Longdon, a jewel thief, in two years. But
she literally tumbles into his arms, after she witnesses
two men attempt to murder her friend and fellow
journalist, Charles Latimer, in Venice.

When Charles is ultimately killed, Emmeline is
determined to bring his murderer to justice. But as she
and Gregory delve deeper, they become ensnared in a
hunt for a Russian spy in the British Foreign Office, who
has his sights set on keeping his identity a secret at all
costs - as Charles found out too late.
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A Journalist...
A Jewel Thief...
And A Russian Spy...
When Their Paths Cross, It's Murder.
A month after her adventures trying to track down the
killer of her friend Charles Latimer, Emmeline finds
herself in a car that has crashed on a lonely country road
in Kent with a dead man as her companion. How did
she come to find herself in this predicament? It all
started with a man named Ambrose Trent, the fiancé of
her friend Claire Sedgwick. But there’s something not
quite right about Ambrose. When he ends up dead,
Emmeline believes she knows who the killer is. But as
new evidence comes to light, she realizes she’s dead
wrong—and only Gregory can save her.
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Buried Secrets Can Kill!
The seaside resort of Torquay along the English Riviera
in Devon is the perfect place for a restful holiday. That’s
what journalist Emmeline Kirby desperately needs after
her harrowing escapes from spies and others with
nefarious intentions back in London. She also needs
distance to sort out her conflicted feelings for jewel thief
Gregory Longdon, who once stole her heart. But who
should turn up out of the blue? The ever-charming,
devastatingly handsome Gregory. That’s when secrets
from his past—and murder—shatter the serenity of this
picturesque haven.
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Book 5
A looted Nazi painting…A former IRA commander…
The tie that binds is murder
Emmeline Kirby is back in London determined to make
a success of her new job as editorial director of
investigative features at
The Clarion. Three months have
passed since her trip to Torquay and the devastating
revelations that surfaced about her fiancé Gregory
Longdon. The whole interlude has left a bitter taste in
her mouth, and she is keeping him at arm’s length. But a
suave and dashing jewel thief like Gregory is not easily
daunted. After all, faint heart never won fair lady. It
doesn’t hurt that Emmeline’s grandmother and her best
friend, Maggie, are on his side. Only his shadowy past
could ruin his chances.
All of these relationships are threatened as Emmeline stubbornly pursues a story
about looted Nazi art and an IRA collaborator. When a stolen Constable painting
belonging to Maggie’s family turns up in the collection of Max Sanborn, the
chairman of the company that owns the
Clarion, her personal crusade brings
danger close to home. To find the truth, Emmeline and Gregory must untangle a
web of deception, betrayal, and dark deeds. But will they learn too late that justice
can be cold comfort if you’re dead?
Book 6
Journalist Emmeline Kirby is reeling from the recent
discovery that her parents were murdered while on
assignment when she was five. She flirts with danger as
she sets off on the long-cold trail to find their killer. At
the same time, her probing questions about the
suspicious death of Russian national Pavel Melnikov
gain her a coterie of enemies. To complicate matters,
her path crosses with prominent industrialist Victor
Royce, who turns her world upside down.  

Gregory Longdon, her dashing fiancé and jewel thief-
If the answer is a lie…The truth is murder
cum-insurance investigator, has grave problems of his own. His past has caught up
with him. Alastair Swanbeck, a ruthless entrepreneur with ties to Putin and the
underworld, is alive and intent on revenge. Swanbeck’s cat-and-mouse taunts reveal
that he can get to Gregory—and Emmeline—anytime he desires. When evil’s
poison lurks in things that are better left alone, the quest for justice could prove
fatal for Emmeline and Gregory.
While in the Lake District, journalist Emmeline Kirby and
jewel thief/insurance investigator Gregory Longdon
overhear a man attempting to hire international assassin
Hugh Carstairs, a MI5 agent who went rogue. They race
back to London to warn Philip Acheson of the Foreign
Office and Superintendent Oliver Burnell. But it’s a devil
of problem to prevent a vicious killing, if the target is a

More trouble brews as Emmeline pursues a story about
shipping magnate Noel Rallis, who is on trial for murder.
Never look back…Treason is deadly
Rallis is desperate to keep the negative publicity from exposing his illicit schemes,
especially something sinister called Poseidon. Lord Desmond Starrett, whose dark
past made him easy prey for blackmail, is getting cold feet about their dubious
partnership. Hovering in the shadows of this ugly secret world is a Russian mole
buried inside MI5. Scorned prima ballerina Anastasia Tarasova makes the fatal
mistake of threatening to reveal all she knows. The hunt for the answers takes
Emmeline and Gregory up to Scotland, where they learn that the truth has lethal
Book 3