Excerpt from Timeless Allure

Reflections by the Lake

Still warm
And rumpled with sleep,
Silvery-white embers,
Caught in the aquamarine netting
Of liquid silk
Rise and fall
With each undulating sigh
Of riparian contentment,
As Summer melts into September
In the Italian Alps....
Excerpt from Silken Reflections

The Enchanted Bower

A sheen
Of raindrop kisses
Clings to every leaf and flower,
As sunbeams
Pierce the fragrant shadows
Cast by the lilac tree,
And dreams
Sink deeper and deeper
Into peaceful slumber
Upon a thick bed
Of satiny cherry petals....
Let your senses come alive and experience the beauty of life!

Daniella Bernett's poetry to take your mind on a delightful journey
into a world of elegance, where love, romance and nature are celebrated.